Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have learned recently that when the weather gets [unbearable]hot; I get nosebleeds. Or if I am in a stressful situation; things become Sunday Bloody Sunday.


I was hanging out with a long time friend from the high school days and we were drinking. When the Cali folks are here, we don't do the regular drinking. It is always a marathon and a contest on who is going to thow up first. This particular girl and eye... we had chemistry. But back then things were always in the way. We were both single now and I knew she was diggin me because I didn't have to get her drunk before she would make out :|. We drink all night and we end up at her house. I remember lots of kissing and touching. Girls are soo pretty in the morning when you are still half drunk. It wasn't hot that day; so, it must have been something else. Maybe it was the pressure and the years of built up expectations. Fuck I don't know. Drip, drip, drip... her sheets are crimson. A girl's monthly visitor has come unexpectedly before. I am used to a little blood on my bed. No big deal. But I am not sure how girls take situations like this. Imagine making out with a dude and he starts bleeding all over the place. What a GEEK! *FACEPALM* We are still friends but it hasn't been the same since.

Fast Forward.

I took out Paul to meet up with some SF girls and I gotta say that wingmen are hard to find these days. Paul is new and a bit shy; so, it was probably my bad. I warned him that he was meeting girls that were older. These girls didn't just want to grind on the dancefloor; they needed conversation first hahaha.

P.Diddy and Pretty Boy Floyd.

Girls that wear high heels... HOT. Girls that CAN wear high heels for more than 2 hours... Hotter.

Left the spot faded and hungry. We see a hipster truck in Las Vegas. Whatta you know. LA finally leaked into LV.

Japanese hotdogs with stuff I do not remember. It was good.

Take 2.

The next day, the homays wanted to hit up a chill spot; so, I suggested the most overrated spot in Las Vegas cause I felt like being an asshole. The Hosts are assholes, the bartenders are bitches, and the drinks are $17... yeah that totally makes sense. I am definitely coming back.

We walked in on some craze.

Guy all angry said he was gonna take my camera if I didn't stop shooting hahahahaha.

Speaking of high school... these pretty girls straight ambushed me. I've known Jas since she was sixteen. Yikes!

Cheers, ninjas!

Haze angels. One flew too close to the sun.

That guy has a nice watch. What's the deal with his shirt tho?

I was soo impressed on how hard that stripper worked the pole that we ended up at a strip club that night.

This chick did a body roll on the pole when most girls can't even do it right sitting down. I have a new respect for strippers.

After the strip club at 5 AM and it was still boy band temps.. ninety eight degrees womp. I had a great night. He had a bad one.


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Fall Back.


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Au Naturale Lights.


Friday, July 9, 2010


Vintage Nikon Ad.



I had a shoot with a good friend and I have about a thousand pictures to edit. Check out some of the end result @ www.gorgeouskillers.tumblr.com blaow!


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