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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Smiles Left Behind.






Drinking Pattern Consisting Of SIX Stages.
-as told by tiny, tiny girl

stage 1- I am right about everything. My opinion is what matters and if you think otherwise be prepared for lecturing about why you are wrong.

stage 2 - Talking about pointless rubbish, making promises im never going
to see through and saying to EVERYONE
"we should go out more"
I really do mean it but by tomorrow morning I probably
wont ever want to go out the house ever again.

stage 3 - Getting pretty Flash with the cash by now. I begin to kid myself that I have infinite funds and think its wise to spend ALOT.
The card comes out and I have a great time while my bank balance does not.

stage 4 - I get the urge to pose, dance and look as 'sexy' as possible.
I think I look amazing until photographic evidence surfaces where I look slightly special needs.
This is probably more embarrassing than the final stages.

stage 5 - Utter fail. I have expressed and enforced my opinions, made promises i can't keep, spent all my money and look like a dick.
Now is the time when I begin to lose all dignity that I may
have clung onto through the night and feel it appropriate to stuff my face
with disgusting and otherwise inedible food and stumble to a taxi rank, talk shite to a taxi driver, get home and throw up into a toilet.

stage 6 - I wake up either feeling as rough as a Badgers arse or still drunk.

We can all relate. And yes she is a Brit.



I am usually against youtube. It is full of talentless self promoters and fame whores[------DAMN that's a little angry. I apologize.. I'm just peeved at people and exes hahaha]. Anywho... ever since I came back from London I've been intrigued[obsessed] with asian girls with english accents. It really is quite mesmerizing listening to a voice like that. Maybe it's the juxtaposition of the regular fob speak that I am used to here.


The vietnamese language is beautiful. They say french is the language of love... they were wrong homie.

Back to the entry.

I was talking to asian chicks on the plane rides to London and they all sounded like this girl. She is not the definition of classic hot per se. When she starts speaking... it "ups" the points. It doesn't hurt that she is funny as hell. I've already decided that I am living in the UK at some point of my life.



What??! You Don't Eat Lunch??
How about some lunch and a F*CK?



Milk Came Out.
I was in the middle of eating cereal when I saw this. Male nurses are cool.


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Bangers & Mash.
The majority of the food I tasted in London was pretty bland. I was warned beforehand; so, there were no surprises pip pip cheerio!



A Filipino Werewolf In London.

Nathan Nice: Vodka soda, please.
Bartender: [ACCENT]You want a whuaaat?![/ACCENT]


As I looked around, noone was drinking liquor. Beer was the drink to imbibe. And it was ice cold. Surprised.

I spent my first and only night in London at a British pub. Everyone was staring at us that night[not long glances but straight up rude style staring]. I wasn't sure if it was the fact that I was with two asian girls or our heavy American accents. LOL.

But let me rewind for a bit.

After three canceled flights and a six hour detainment in UK customs, I already knew that I was going to have a helluva week. Long story short... I was politely interrogated by British officials. They wanted to know what I was doing in their country and how long I was staying. The result was DEPORTATION back to the US. F*ck my life!! It was a messed up situation but the people were supercool. They fed me their horrible food and allowed me to mingle with the female prisoners[errr detainees]. I do not want to imagine what kind of shizz happens at US customs. I am willing to bet that they are not as nice as British folk. I accepted my fate and began saying my goodbyes. Wait THO! A guy walks in and tells me that they decided I am LOW liability[and a very handsome bloke to boot TRUE STORY] I can be granted temporary entry into London. SWEET! Ran out of that building as if it was on fire. I hopped on the Underground and met up with the girls. I needed a drink! BAD.

We chilled at a pub and got stared at like exhibits A & B. It wasn't awkward at all. I was trying to understand the logic. The times I take a long hard look at tourists is when they have interesting accents and are beautiful. So yeah I guess I am pretty. No big deal hahaha.

Anyway... this is Elise. She is a shy one.

May and Eye were almost run[ned] over taking this photo.

Things with FLAVOR in British cuisine was the chicken livers dish. Soo good.

The girls were getting peeved by all the staring. Restaurant photo shoot... stare @ that f*ckface! Hahaha.

Punk in drublic.

She was as well.

My time in the UK was too short. I am going back in exactly six months. Next stop? Going to the home of the original CBGB.

Night ninjas!



Shouts TO Paris, Ile-de-france, France!




S├ębastien Tellier - Look from Record Makers on Vimeo.


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Earl's Court.



Declaring War On Nightlife.
I am digging WR's new ad campaign. It makes me curious about the spot[even though I already know it is gonna be flooded with DBs].



Products Of Contemplation.



Chore Damaris.

Chore Damaris by Justin Anderson from Justin Anderson on Vimeo.


Friday, March 26, 2010


"Watch How Hard Your Family Trips When They See Eye Got You Dressing Like Vanity 6.

I am going to draw a <3 around your vagine and eat your heart out.

Duck A l'Orange Mmmmm.


I do NOT get the Frank tattoo.

These dudes harass everyone on MLK. I do NOT need any newspapers... or bean pies. Thenks.

Making it vintage.

All a blur!

Urban Eskimo.

You doing that wrong, Geo. No Pedo.

Look closer and you'll see how crazed this kid is. No PS.



All Around The World.
Came back from London and continued with the same song. Went to Spago for dinner and Pure for drinks. More photos to come.

Good wine good friends.

Like we won a championship game. Happy birthday, Joy!

Everywhere Eye GO... It's just the same old song.



People can buy everything they can think of in Las Vegas.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I discovered this track about a year ago. It is now bumping in all of the clubs in Vegas. White girls get crazy to this. I don't know... everything coming out of the house scene has been mediocre[IMHO].

All Eye Do Is Farty!.