Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Morning Headaches.
The Night In Question:

-Drinking a superchilled shot of patron that burned or frosted my tongue. Either way... it hurt.

-Getting to Roger's gettogether and convincing Michy to play tip cup with me. Everyone joined after. Good times.

-Having shots of something that looked like pepto but it was tequila. -???-

-I don't like to use the word "HATE" but I hate Words With Friends. If you play that game, you are NO friend of mine.

-Looking around the place and seeing 92% dudes is never bueno.

-Wondering how I got soo smashed off only a few shots[the pepto did not count or maybe it did] and three beers.

-[Drunk]Driving somewhere to visit an old "friend". I snapped out of it in time to get back in my car and drive away. :/

-Ending up in Summerlin to get a pastrami sandwich from a late night spot. Better idea than the last.

-Driving home and predicting that I'm paying for it the next day.


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