Monday, February 1, 2010


Die A Little Bit Inside...

Where I reside, there are no witty conversations with people. My interactions consist of texts, BBMs, and Facebook messages. If it is not digital, it is at a vegas club where the 21s hang out. I didn't voice it out before but people had an understanding. They knew what I thought about most young girls being dumb. They had the looks but did not know sh*t about a thing. I did not like young girls when I was 25, you can imagine how I feel about them now. *FAKESMILES* I haven't had a connection with a 21 unless I had to dig deep into my 20 year old psyche. A painful task unless it was vital. Eye do not even try anymore unless my vision was blurred or I saw the desirable shape.

My most recent intimate relationship[if you can call it that] was text messages on my days off and hers. It was annoying in many ways. How can such a smart girl be so dumb? Let me take that back. Not dumb... how can she be so clueless? In the field that she was in... I was baffled at how she could not figure out simple problems. SMfH. I complain about vegas chicks and something solidifies my beliefs. I hate it when I am right!

Footnote: Hate is an ugly word, kids. Do NOT use it!

I guess while I am here, I will continue to acclimate. Eye will smile when you talk about Kim K and details about football. "You serious?! Superbowl is this weekend? Forreal??!" I will smalltalk with you about nonsense and the insignificance that is small town life. And eye will die a little bit inside while eye listen to something that I may have related to 7 years ago. I can be a good sport and roll with the punches but look deep into my eyes... you will discover that I'm not at 100.


It took me at least 3 days to blog this entry cause the computer crashed. My Mac is vintage[according to the Genius Bar over @ Apple]. Hahaha.


I visit Los Angeles once in a while to see what kind of food people are eating over there. The homie Paul knows the spots cause most of the spots are in his neighborhood. Our first stop was in the Artists District at this specialty sausage spot. You already know the name. I get a latepass.

The sausage display case. Impressive.

They had beers from all over. We did a tasting from Germany to Holland. I forget the rest.

Truffle pommes frites? I smelled truffle... not sure if it was.

I ordered the duck with bacon sausage. It was overcooked and dry for my liking.

But the flavor was there... killed it!

This beer tasted a hint of lipstick. It was like making out with a girl without the pleasure... or the herpes.

The beers were 10%... I was feeling good after four glasses. On to the next one!

Our next stop was the Fashion District. They said it was like a ghost town. You can definitely see the diff but it was business as usual as I saw it.

Moist Women? Awwww yeaaa!

Wait. What?!

Union. Stussy. UnDefeated. And $till is a new addition.

Saw this english bulldog out and about.

I NEED one of those hats!

The APC Store was a disappointment.

The next stop was Fairfax. They say it is the "new fashion district"... Ehhh not so much. Saw lotta jewish folks.

Canter's is famous.

Pastries. We got a bag full and spent $1. Me loves the jews.

Remember that episode of Seinfeld when they were in a jewish bakery? Black and white cookie. No color lines. Way too sweet.

Follow me. Time to blow this pop stand.
Next stop was the Kogi truck. I was still full from Wurstkuche but whatever. Let's go!

We get to the truck and there was no line. Sweet! Got one of everything. Getting my glutt on.

Kogi sliders. Mmmmm.

Calamari taco.

Short rib tacos.

Kimchi quesadilla. Interesting. Food coma came after this meal. What's the next stop??

We stopped at this art show inside a bank. It was cool. We jetted soon after and it was nighty nite when we got home.


There is a portion here where I meet with some pals @ Brix 42 in Pasadena. Forgot my camera; so, I got drunk instead. Too many cops in that city. Bad trip.


Cut to four hours later[in Valencia]... we are eating again. Tinola and fried chicken. Soo good. Thank you for the hospitality, Ness. Took shots of 151 with Mike. What was I thinking??

It was 4AM and I was supposed to be in the 818 sleeping at a friend's pad but she was knocked. Eff Em Elle. Sleepy as f*ck and nowhere to slumber. Called another friend and went to the only place I knew that was open in the valley.

Drunk eating french toast.

Norm's portions are plenty. So tired but fam called after and I had a place to sleep. Knocked @ 10AM. Thank God and Krissy for keeping me company.

Woke up @ 10PM hungry as hell. Me and the bro hit up this sushi joint over in Topanga. It was raining crazy. No bueno.

We left the spot and headed home. Joe hit me up to go to LA. It was raining hard... there was no way I was driving. Peace out until the next day.

Woke up early the next day and scooped Homer.

We waited for this dim sum place to open. I've been there before. Worth the wait but terrible service. Expected. Chinese SMH.

Rice porridge.

Joe is still on that seafood diet.

My second favorite. Steamed pork buns[pronounced: pok banh].

My faves have got to be the baked, honey glazed bbq pork buns. Mmmmm.

Dumplings, shaomais, etc.

Dumpling. Funny word for food.

Pword likes them hats. We head out to a different spot for dessert. House made green tea mochi ice cream. Did I eat everything in LA yet? [???]

Fast forward to noon. I could not leave California without hitting up Americana in Glendeezy for Frida. I don't really go for the food. They serve this chaser for the patron shots. So simple yet so good[the principles to my style of cooking]. Tomato juice, lime, and seasalt... what a combo.

Did a taco tasting. First and fifth are good. The rest in between are so so.

After se7en shots or so of patron... it was time to drive home to Las Vegas. It took some bobbing and weaving[plus advice from a friend] to realize that it might not be a good idea. Three hour drive in the rain. Fuck Me!

The Calm before the drive home.

I miss everything in Los Angeles. Blue skies and pink bits.

G'Nite peoples.


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