Sunday, February 21, 2010


SMART Had An Idea And It Was STUPID.
I rocked Diesels before. Alot. My fave was the zathan cut. It had that bootcut look that fit nice over dunks or even the safaris. A staple in the wardrobe. The washes were different and the fits were great. This was circa 2003-2005... then it started getting played in 2006 when it hit the outlets. Everyone and their mothers had a pair. Now I see chuntis rocking my jeans. It was time to hang it up. But that's not the main reason I stopped wearing mine. The way I gauge when a style dies is through this guy in the group. I am talking about the dude that clowns your style in 2003 then thieves your look in 2008 and makes it his own. Hahaha lame. I am NOT saying that I originated it. Inspiration comes from everywhere. But if you blatantly carbon copy something... it's just outright ghey. It is a clear indicator that if you see THIS GUY wearing it... it is time to donate yours to the salvation army. Imitation is the highest form of flattery MY DICK!




I have too much free time Hahahaha.


Check out the Diesel campaign that is quite amusing.



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