Thursday, April 1, 2010


Before I start this entry, I want to state that I am not a serial dater. I choose one victim[errr girl] and bug the hell out of her until she realizes that she is inlove with me... then move on to the next hahahha. No I kid. Dating is the most awkward social activity. Oh ok... Let me hang out with this chick that I know nothing about[my friends know nothing about] and make something happen. Bleh. Being away from my friends gets me to doing lots of bleeeeh activities. It's a necessary evil cause if I don't do that... what the hell else am I gonna do? It gets me into trouble because I give a girl full attention when I find something special in her[like watch her sleep holding a knife and wait for her to wake up. I kid once again. That actually happened to ME eeek]. Now if you do "this" it is considered "creepster". If you do "that" it is "too soon" for it to happen. Whatthefrench?! I've been doing what I've wanted to do in like forever and saw no sideways looks. In this area code, it is much different.

Bringing it back to the simple days. I know I know corn corn corn on the cob.

Here are some photos from way back. Pay attention to the hairstyles, chola eyebrows, clothes, and the superskinny faces. Definite LOLz when I was going through these. There is like 10 years worth of pictures. Expect to be exposed! Bahahahaha.

Stephanie told her parents every sunday that she was going to mass. I would meet her there for make-out sessions. I can NEVER regret getting kick'd out of the church. LMAO.

Jasmin was too young... even back then. eeeek!

Psychosomatic addict insane.

This was when I dropped off Cathy to pursue her singing career in Korea. *tear

Late Nite Productions or something like that.

We called Kevin the asian Tiger Woods because he was the exact replica. He rat[ted] about indiscretions to my girlfriends back then. [OLD SCHOOL BATHROOM SCENE]Guys don't tell on each other. Only girls do that. MAN CODE. Alright good talk.[/OLD SCHOOL BATHROOM SCENE] Hahahahahaha. No really tho. He was A BITCH.

Satanas Gang. SuperWhy??!

Rhime Skeem Productions performed at one of Grace's birthdays. I remember that fun night. Sidenote: One member is still under investigation.

The younger sister is much prettier but is very shy. Tina was the wild one in the fam. She dated younger guys and has taken me to the craziest strip clubs. "You know happens when I'm drunk? ?" Haahahaha yup.

What the hell is Sison doing?

Are you a bad girl if you have a phoenix tatted on your chest? Jenny Yeh.

I can't think of a caption here. There is something humorous to be said about a semi-grown man in full camo gear at a social event. :/ :/

Speaking of bad girls. MichelleMelissa Galang. Now that I look back... her style was sick with it. Bad Girl Bangs.


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