Monday, April 5, 2010


Because Weekends Were Made For Fun..
The places[BARS & CLUBS] I go to are very lax when it comes to my attire. I have seen people get stopped at the door with sneakers on and I squeak on by. If someone stops me... usually I talk to them[show them I'm NO trouble] or not go into the spot all together. If I can't be comfortable[with what I have on] in the place, why would I hang out there?? I'm spending MY money in your establishment and I can't wear a hat?? F*CK THAT!! This was the case last weekend. The VBar would not let me in to their bar with my KINGS cap on... ok. not really. They let me in but they asked that I take the cap off. Already a bad start to the night. Whatev. I was with good friends and I didn't want to make such a fuss.

The night goes and I can see everyone was still tired from the night before. I try to get it started but people were refusing MY SHOTS. I could see the fear in their eyes. It really isn't that scary. What's the WORST that could happen?? BAHAHAHA!

We started the night with Goose and berries.

Kept it boojee and killed the champagne first. *Champagne not pictured

Why is that white guy soo sad? And there that tourist stripe shirt again.

Lizzie said that only "bitches" drank champagne. Maybe so... I was already feeling the effects of the buzz. Leanin.

Kat & Sarah.

Sheila. Kat. Sarah. Or Lizzie. If this is your friend... it is your obligation to talk to her about her BUSTED toes. And the fact that it's almost a crime to wear tsinelas at a club. JustSayin.

Homie wants it. Get it!

I think this spot was way more poppin than the actual vBar. Drunks.

The night ended early. I think I got home around 4AM. Good to be around a piece of LA once again.


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