Sunday, April 4, 2010


Alvin Achong-Chong.
I knew this guy and I am not going to name him. Let's call him... Alvin. There are soo many stories I can tell about him but one sticks out in my mind. This dude was a cat cause he had 9 extra lives. Anyway. He takes a trip with his homies to Mexico and gets plastered drunk while driving over there. They get to their spot on the beach and he sees the horizon and the ocean. Thinking that the water is in front of him; he hops a wall to swim. The other side of the wall was not water but a 40 foot cliff drop packed with jagged rocks. Bahahahahha. The last thing he remembered was his homie saying "NO!" right when he hopped off. He walked away from that fall without even seeing a doctor that night. One crazy mothertrucker!

These pictures below remind me of our crazy nights in the Valley together.


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