Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Met up with Gabriel in downtown Las Vegas. Drank at the new Firefly. The place was so dead it was sad. The bar closed at exactly 1AM. Lameness. The night started out boring but just as we were about to leave these butch[and pretty] lesbians come up to this Ed Hardy wearing white guy with leprechaun boots. They started yelling all this craze about him filming her homegirl in the restroom naked. The bar got awkward quiet and security had to jump in the mix. We did like chat roulette and went NEXT!

Saw Roonie when I was driving up and he told that Javie was having her birthday thing @ DOWNTOWN Bar. We headed that direction but made a stop at this raunchy strip club first. There is nothing wrong with DTLV strip clubs except for EVERYTHING. This lady[who was at least 52] asked if I wanted to go to a private room with her. I politely declined.

Mind Revivers.

With all these young girls @ the clubs... I think that is my only option. :/

**see saturday night..

Dropped off Gabe and Joy to where they parked. The amount of prostitutes in DTLV is wow. Things happened in between downtown and going home but I may have overdone it that night. Woke up in my bed still a little buzzed.

I slept in on saturday and woke up @ 4PM with my Blackberry blown. Los Angeles was down in Vegas and they wanted to kick. Why not? Palmdale Kat calls me and said to meet up @ Trump. The whole place smelled of orchids. Points.

Drinking again. **sadface

How did I lose soo fast??

Headed to Vanity with a minor buzz. I wanted to peel Kat that night. No Lester.

Ran in to my homie's friends inside the new Body English. Lightly toasted on both sides... Eye do not remember taking these photos. I also do not remember giving the bathroom attendant a $20 tip. :/

Colgate smile.

How old are these girls?!

I have NO LOVE for Vanity's Vip hosts.

Wandered around the back of Vanity and found this secret library. It was so random and out of place. If I go back there tomorrow, will it still be there?

Visited the other half of LA[818side] at their hotel. Looks like they were starting to knock out. Everyone was in their peejays already. Running on auto with noone to play with. In Las Vegas; if you call a girl @ 4AM... is that considered a booty call? I don't think so. Whatev.

Mayja Layza. Selecta.

Noone wanted to drink but me. Ehhh.

Everything started to look like this. Time to go.

Good night.

I read this new study about HAPPY people and SAD people. I thought it was interesting but I don't agree with it. Click the link below. You be the judge.


How the saying goes... take the good with the bad, the ugly.


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