Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am usually against youtube. It is full of talentless self promoters and fame whores[------DAMN that's a little angry. I apologize.. I'm just peeved at people and exes hahaha]. Anywho... ever since I came back from London I've been intrigued[obsessed] with asian girls with english accents. It really is quite mesmerizing listening to a voice like that. Maybe it's the juxtaposition of the regular fob speak that I am used to here.


The vietnamese language is beautiful. They say french is the language of love... they were wrong homie.

Back to the entry.

I was talking to asian chicks on the plane rides to London and they all sounded like this girl. She is not the definition of classic hot per se. When she starts speaking... it "ups" the points. It doesn't hurt that she is funny as hell. I've already decided that I am living in the UK at some point of my life.



Anonymous said...

i highly doubt the asian chicks on your plane ride to london sounded like that girl. unless the girls on your plane ride were from australia.


i haven't had alot of experience determining what accent is from where. sexy nonetheless.