Sunday, March 28, 2010


A Filipino Werewolf In London.

Nathan Nice: Vodka soda, please.
Bartender: [ACCENT]You want a whuaaat?![/ACCENT]


As I looked around, noone was drinking liquor. Beer was the drink to imbibe. And it was ice cold. Surprised.

I spent my first and only night in London at a British pub. Everyone was staring at us that night[not long glances but straight up rude style staring]. I wasn't sure if it was the fact that I was with two asian girls or our heavy American accents. LOL.

But let me rewind for a bit.

After three canceled flights and a six hour detainment in UK customs, I already knew that I was going to have a helluva week. Long story short... I was politely interrogated by British officials. They wanted to know what I was doing in their country and how long I was staying. The result was DEPORTATION back to the US. F*ck my life!! It was a messed up situation but the people were supercool. They fed me their horrible food and allowed me to mingle with the female prisoners[errr detainees]. I do not want to imagine what kind of shizz happens at US customs. I am willing to bet that they are not as nice as British folk. I accepted my fate and began saying my goodbyes. Wait THO! A guy walks in and tells me that they decided I am LOW liability[and a very handsome bloke to boot TRUE STORY] I can be granted temporary entry into London. SWEET! Ran out of that building as if it was on fire. I hopped on the Underground and met up with the girls. I needed a drink! BAD.

We chilled at a pub and got stared at like exhibits A & B. It wasn't awkward at all. I was trying to understand the logic. The times I take a long hard look at tourists is when they have interesting accents and are beautiful. So yeah I guess I am pretty. No big deal hahaha.

Anyway... this is Elise. She is a shy one.

May and Eye were almost run[ned] over taking this photo.

Things with FLAVOR in British cuisine was the chicken livers dish. Soo good.

The girls were getting peeved by all the staring. Restaurant photo shoot... stare @ that f*ckface! Hahaha.

Punk in drublic.

She was as well.

My time in the UK was too short. I am going back in exactly six months. Next stop? Going to the home of the original CBGB.

Night ninjas!


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