Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We had one of the usual barbecues @ Doreen's aka C-Block. Hahahaha. Inside joke. I did not expect to cook that night but the grill was busted; so, we had to saute the ribeyes. The salmon was baked like three times because everyone was in disagreement on how it should be cooked. I say salmon should be medium rare to medium but being in a filipino house... everything is well done. Bleeh. Okkkk. After the meal I had a heated argument with the beer. I kept telling him that he lacked flavor but he just came back saying that I was being a p*ssy. I despise the lites! Everyone was thirsty that night. Some more than others[womp]. I had the idea of cooking up some grilled cheese sandwiches and as I walk'd to the kitchen... Jen was way ahead of me. We got to freestyling and came up with a grilled hawaiin bread, sharp cheddar, tomato, and bacon bits sandwiches. You know... the one for salads. Hahahaha. She's a retired chef but she still has the foodie at heart. I see you, Jen. Next week I got something else I want to create. Let's destroy Roger's kitchen, so to speak.


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