Saturday, May 1, 2010


We talked for an hour and a half trying to convince people to drive from Valencia to Oxnard to get some crabs. We were originally thinking about the Boiling Crab but it wasn't open until 3pm. I had a craving... it didn't matter where we were going.

When we get to the spot, I see that they didn't have any dungeness. F*ck! I chose the biggest crab I could spot. That thing was ugly but I was hungry. They didn't have any shrimps... the meal was incomplete. We opted to get the calamari and chips. Mmmm tartar sauce.

Something out of a horror movie.

We waited a whole 20 minutes. My idea of fast food. Legs for days!

A feast fit for Kings!

But after eating half, I was already slowing down. That thing was a monster and I needed help.

That is the look of a defeated man.

The aftermath. Ugggggghh.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach. I could NOT eat another bite.

After that enormous meal, everyone did not want to move. Food coma was setting in. We walked around before we left for the valley. Spider Crab is not better than Dungeness but is still NO joke.

[Anti]Rogue Stat.

Big up Chad!

I do not know what Mooring is but it is not allowed there.

We're going back for Dungeness season.

*Five Photos Stolen ~ Ian Molina


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