Thursday, May 6, 2010


NU Sanctuary Lounge.
The theme of the restaurant is Good Versus Evil. The person who designed for NU also designed the set for Lord Of The Rings movies[eye was told]. I didn't see the connections they were trying to portray but I was sober. The place looked 80s with a giant tree as a bar with rustic spanish chairs[-???-] I didn't notice but my friend pointed out that the server chicks looked like those girls at Mexican clubs in LA with the really slutty, cheap dresses. :/:/ She said it. Hahahaha.

The food was ok. I was already turned off from the start because of the BAD oyster they served me. That is a NO NO! The good oysters were overdressed with unnecessary toppings. It hid the true flavor of the oyster. Maybe they are still working out the kinks on the menu.

Good presentation.

Ahi tartar. Again great presentation with basic flavor.

Their version of the caprese was the best out of all the dishes we tried. Buttery croutons, juicy tomatoes, and house made mozzarella. Mmmmm.

The rieslings homie suggested were also good. The overall dining experience was pleasant but the menu could use some revising.


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