Saturday, May 8, 2010


:She Is Playing Checkers. I Mastered Chess.
This girl I knew had a habit of telling me that I was a lucky guy just after we finished having sex. She would make a point to say that I should be happy that I was having sexual interaction. Ninja please! Check my dating resume! I didn't understand that point of view because I am pretty sure I was not the only one benefitting from the whole thing. The thinking was a bit skewed. She was an above average attractive girl and she knew it. All guys kissed her ass and I saw it. She thought her pussy was golden and I get it. She was a special girl in a way that I thought she had a unique thought process[and I think she had tourette's].

But the more I meet single girls out here or LA or SF... the more I see the same way of thinking. It was probably there all along but I did not care enough before to pay attention. I had a conversation recently with a friend about dating etiquette. She doesn't go to guys houses[to have him cook dinner] on the first date because it is too personal. It makes it look like he is trying to get into the pants too soon[and she is ok with it]. [SARCASM]I see[/SARCASM]. So, what is the difference when you end up at the guy's house when the date goes well? Girls are in denial. They want guys to jump through hoops and possibly delay the inevitable. I know that you enjoy the susex; so, what's with the front?? I see it when girls use this tactic and play along. I would respect the girl more if she was up front and honest with her feelings..




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