Thursday, May 6, 2010


Tempting Fate.
The interesting part about my night happened after I left the Hard Rock. Not so much interesting but fuck'd up. I take shots with Tita for her birthday and it was a typical outing. More shots later I end up negotiating with a female host to get Carl inside of Wasted Space cause he didn't have his ID. She wasn't very smart but that's another story. Blah Blah Blah we have more drinks[my last count was 9] and curfew hits for the mothers. I was starving but nobody wanted to eat. I'm driving home and I see the cherry lights on my rear view. FML. The [FEMALE]cops pull me over and ask if I have been drinking. I politely tell them YES. One beer and one birthday shot. BOLDFACE LIE but I really couldn't say 10 now could eye??


I am in the middle of Las Vegas[across from Bellagio] and they do a sobriety test. I wasn't drunk but it is a cop's judgment call; so, it could go any way. Walk the line test... ACED. One leg up and thousand count... ACED. Follow my finger eye test... PASS. While I'm getting tested, drunk ass people on the streets are yelling HE'S SOBER!!! Hahaha stoops. Then the one ladycop doing the test tells me I am under arrest for driving under the influence. FUCKME. The other cop says NO he's OK. The cop testing me was a young rookie... she had no rank. They let me go with an illegal lane change citation. She hands me the ticket and says YOU GOT LUCKY. Pssssh whatever, rookie.

This is the reason why I don't go out with curfew kids. They mess up my schedule and I end up leaving the club @ 1am instead of 4am. Too many cops lurking out there that early. No more going out with people that have kids!! And from now on I am taking hummer limos everywhere.


This taco smells funny he said.

The hottest girl in Las Vegas talked to me last night.

We don't pay to get in to the clubs. Better yet... we don't wait in lines. To go further... noone is allowed to look at us.


I see this pose alot when chicks make their arms look skinny by putting it on their hip. Good technique. I do like my girls a little meaty tho. I <3 to cuddle.

Location: Hard Rock Casino Floor.

Carlos and his pink shirt.

Outside of Popeye's eating chicken and fries.

This dude was quoting Chris Walken's lines from that skit. Had me rollinOTFL. Not really but yeah.

Happy Birthday, Tita!

Hipster Dane Cook hanging out with the most interesting man in the world.

Stefanie Stanger and Duck Face.

My camera died when we got to Wasted Space. Watched a midget almost get pinata'd by a bunch of chicks. After that, this deejay and a drummer that looked like a 2007 TRV$ performed. It was a good show. An exact replica of TRV$&AM but the drummer was sick with it. Their musical selection had me.


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