Monday, January 25, 2010


A girl that knows how to dress gets my attention 9 out of 10 times. And nothing turns me on more than a girl that knows what kind of lingerie to put on under that dress. Thongs are out. Supercorny. I have never taken clothes off a fashion savvy chick and saw corny underwear. [Damn! I miss Cali chicks. I think I might be a virgin again. FML!]

I live in a town where I have to hint[straight-out tell] at what kind of panties I want to see on a chick. I NEVER had to tell a girl before. I thought it was common knowledge. LA girls know what's up. I didn't think it was hard but I guess Vegas just doesn't know. Sad... Sad... Sad[for me]. But this entry is not about that. I've about given up on finding another girl that knows exactly how to push my buttons visually.

I know how to dress.

I've been told numerous times that I dress well. But I do not need anyone to tell me that I dress well to know that I am a great dresser. My fashion sense came from my father. He taught me how to color coordinate and choose which shoes go with a certain suit. His wardrobe is way sicker. I am jealous sometimes.


I wonder if women apppreciate my wardrobe choices as much as I pay attention to theirs. Do they see the the socks I wore with my pinstriped suit? Did they even notice the black patent leather sneakers that I wore with my pattern slacks?
I always notice the little details on a chick... the subtle accessory that noone else sees. Do they see that same things that I see? Can they find the pinhole "fuck you" necklace that I always rock? If these things are not acknowledged, then what is the point of flossin?


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