Wednesday, January 27, 2010


There is this new time killer on the interwebs. Most of the time it's gross but there are times where it gets really funny and mad entertaining. CHAT ROULETTE! Hahhaha. You can talk to random people all over the world face to face. People get superweird and I have yet to see amateur boobs. What the french toast?! Step your roulette game up underage chicks! Come find me and say warrup!

Met up with the homie from LA and had some korean buffet. I was stuffed after the first plate of kalbi.

After. Kristinemu bought us ice cream @ Walmart. Saved room for dessert. I spot an Arab.

When we got home, I showed the girls that new new. I think these people were from New Zealand.

Sexy dancer.

Kim Jong's army.

Relaxed. Let's watch that movie.

Cold Chillen.
Had some Riesling and Kris sparked up the hookah. Double chocolate mint. Shiz was smooth.

Hot kiss.

Vince Vaughn is a funny guy.

After the movie, we couldn't resist. Stop hating, Krissy! LOL.

And we run in to these guys.

Jersey Shore.

Time to sleep. Good night, Spider-man.


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