Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The eve of the new year was calm for me. I slept all day and I was mad rested when I woke up. I was ready to party but I think my group was still hung-over. I started to head to the strip and I thought I was gonna be stuck in traffic. I took the back roads and got to Paris in 20 minutes. They were waiting for me in the circle bar still weak. I figured... hahaha. I didn't have a plan really. I never do. I go where the flow takes me. I had heard of this open bar @ the Palazzo and figured that it would be the wise choice. Pop champagne!

Me and Paul always start our night with some Ed Hardy Rape Juice. Fist pump!

All coupled out. Bleeeeeeh.

James rolled through with some pizzas @ the open bar.

It looked good but I wasn't hungry yet. I had just started drinking. Thanks tho.

It was nearing midnight. We downed our drinks and start to head to the strip. Get excited!

Saw Lady Ga Ga in the crowd.

Three... Two... One!!!

Fire in the sky.

Mik and the rest of his crew met up after. He said he came right out of Krave. I've never been. How is that place?.......... that's cool!

Cristina is Mexican.

It's funny how people get brave when they're drunk. Only when.

Peter.... err umm uhh mean Andrew. I keed.

Anne's cousin and Anne. Dia de los...

When I'm with the couples, we do more eating than drinking. Go fig. We hit up this spot next to the bar. I forget the name. The food was fusion. I ordered duck tacos but it never came. Whatev. I was too drunk to care. Had some of Gabe's sashimi.

Keith had prawns... I wasn't sure. He wasn't sharing.

I didn't order that shot.

Carol is from China.

Cheers to the new year!

I have to go back to that place. The walls in the restroom had graf.

After the meal, they wanted to go clubbing. I was lit like a Christmas tree. We tried Lavo... we didn't get in. We tried Tao... Eye didn't get in. WTFLOL?!

I saw Dumb & Dumber but the picture didn't come out. LV tourists are a bunch of clowns.

Me and Cristina were playing this game. Find the cute girl from Las Vegas. There are NO PRETTY GIRLS in Las Vegas! Trust me. Let's head back to Paris...

It went from this...

... to this. What was the natural reaction? Take pics, of course! LMAO.

Eye got my corned beef and the rest had oxtail soup. I have to remember to order my corned beef well done next time. The soup was a little bland but nothing that could not be fixed. I need to go there when I'm sober.

Good Night.


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