Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Looking from the outside of CityCenter, you already know the architecture is going to be crazy. When I walked into the place, the decor was art driven. Where do I start? The sculptures are sick. There are paintings of Christopher Walken on the walls. Random. And the murals are something out of Juxtapoz magazine.

I know the place is structurally sound but I would hate to be in there if there's an earthquake. The things that would fall from the ceiling would be plenty.

Metal Rain.

I don't know who the artist is but I've seen this before.

Taking a tram to the Crystals.

The shopping area was art driven as well. The stuff protruding from the ground caught my eye.

There was a wishing pond with ice sculptures on it.

I wanted to stick my tongue on it[NO BRUNO] but I couldn't reach it. Cold.

Ice Dildos.




Louis Vee Dee.

Paris on my backyard.

...And Then Some Random Fun On The Strip.

Kat kept talking about those long slushie drinks that everyone was drinking. Tourist. LOL. I knew a place @ the Planet Hollywood that had it.

I was getting bored. I wanted to hit up a club but I didn't think we were dressed for it. Let's try PRIVE.

We don't wait in lines. Just An FYI.

Sudden craving for milk.

That dude looks hungry.... Time to go!

No Means NO!

Drunk trying to fight Jackie.

The twins split up. One wanted to go home and the other wanted viet food. Time for some bbq pork fried rice from Pho Kim Long. Mmmmm.

More photos from the DSLR coming soon.


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